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Auto Wash Advanced Concentrated Auto Shampoo

Auto Wash Advanced Concentrated Auto Shampoo

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Product Code: AC0001

About this product:

This automobile cleaning liquid is made from the International formula with color protectants and silicone conditioners. Volume - 250 ml
This shampoo cleanes and beautifies all types of automobiles. It leaves polish and wax intact on the smooth surface of the vehicles
This car cleaner removes surface dirt, grease, dust and does not leave any streaks. It will not harm nor dull paint finish like liquid or powder detergents
This vehicle cleaning solution in concentrated form can wash up to 50 cars and around 80 to 100 bikes. This bike cleaning shampoo costs less than Rs.2 to wash a car and less than Re.1 to wash a bike
This car washing shampoo can be used on all painted & metallic surfaces including tyres, bumpers, beadings and windshields. It helps to reduce the dirt deposits, leaving behind a spot-free finish

Size: 250ml

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