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About this product:

Mighty In One (MIO) is an excellent new generation multi-purpose cleaner that is designed for everyday use. This scientifically advanced ready to use everyday cleaner removes upto 99.9%* germs, grease, soil, dust, organic oils, airborne odours and more without using harmful chemicals or producing toxic after effects. Mighty In One (MIO) employs micro- technology to protect surfaces. It helps in reducing the frequency of reoccurring and repeated cleaning challenges.

Size: 250 ml

Benefits of this product:


No harmful chemicals
No toxic after effects
Removes germs, grease, soil, dust,  organic oils, airborne odours
Employs micro- technology to protect  surfaces
Helps reduce the frequency of   reoccurring cleaning challenges
Freedom From Dust, Dirt & Germs

 (7 in 1 ) ADVANTAGE

General Cleaner : Ready to use cleaner for everyday cleaning challenges  - Floors, Walls, Countertops, Litter Box, Fabrics, Carpet, Upholstery, Glass, Metals, Bathroom fixtures, Leather, Finished wood, Appliances, etc.
Germs Remover: Protects by removing up to 99%* germs .Lays down a protective barrier that germs can't adhere to in the future.
Anti-Stat: All things in nature have positive or negative electrical charges.Items like furniture /counters become positively charged producing static. Most airborne contaminates like dust and particles are negatively charged.Because opposites attract, these surfaces act like a magnet to dust. Cleaning with Mighty in One changes the charge back to negative eliminating the attraction thus keeping the dust and particles away. As result, Mighty in One cleaned surfaces stay cleaner longer.
Degreaser: Clean up messy, greasy stains. No harmful & harsh chemicals. (KITCHENS ,GARAGES ,DRIVEWAYS)
Surface Protector: Employs micro – technology to lay down a translucent protective film for germs & stain protection. This protective film barrier continues to work after each cleaning by providing a protective micro-layer that that resists germs, dust and dirt.
Odour Eliminator: Attacks unwanted odours and quickly neutralizes them. Some products only mask the foul smell with nice fragrances  but fails to remove the odour.(SMOKE, BATHROOM ODOURS, FOUL ODOURS ,COOKING ODOURS)
Stainless Steel/Metal Cleaner & Polisher: Removes the grease, grime, dirt and dust on the metals including stainless steel.


General Cleaning: Apply to surface. Wipe with clean cloth. After drying, take a cotton cloth, lightly dampened with Mighty In One and wipe off remaining streaks.

Leather Cleaning: Apply to a clean cloth and wipe leather as needed to remove stain from the soiled area.

Caution: Let leather dry or wipe dry between applications. Leather may soften if over exposed to liquid and may result in leather distortion.

Odour Eliminator: Spray in air or near source of the odour.

Anti-Stat & Surface Protector: Apply on the desired surface and wipe clean. After drying, take a cotton cloth, lightly dampened with Mighty In One and wipe off remaining streaks.

Stainless Steel/Metal Cleaner & Polisher: Spray on clean cloth and wipe stainless steel or metal surface. After drying, take a cotton cloth, lightly dampened with Mighty In One and wipe off remaining streaks.

Degreaser: Spray on greasy area. Take a soft brush and gently scrub solution onto greasy buildup. Reapply as needed until area is clean of grease. Rinse and let dry.

Germs Removal: Clean surface with Mighty In One. Allow surface to dry (up to 24 hours) for maximum germs removal. Surfaces such as work desks, door knobs, hand railings, purses, dining tables, kitchen tops, food counters etc.

General Cleaning Tips: Do not dilute Mighty In One; use product as is. Leaves a thin film to maximize cleaning  performance. When wiping with cotton cloth, lightly dampened with Mighty In One, be gentle. Over wiping may remove translucent protective film that resists germs, dust and dirt. Light buffing of the surface with a clean dry cloth will enhance the surface shine. Drying time for Mighty In One under most conditions is 5 minutes or less.   (For maximum germs removal drying time is 2 hours to 24 hours). Temperature and humidity may effect drying time.


May cause mild eye and skin irritation. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Consult a Physician if irritation develops. In case of ingestion, contact a Physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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